Class description

  • Recovery Yoga is restorative yoga designed to help students face the challenges of recovery.
  • Recovery Yoga classes provide a supportive, non-judgmental, sober experience which can enhance mindfulness and reduce stress.
  • Recovery Yoga employs breathing awareness, yoga postures, and meditation techniques suitable for beginning students. Class activities are modified for individual physical limitations.
  • Recovery Yoga practice can promote awareness and acceptance of the present mind, body and spirit, and provides tools for creating positive change and healing.



Alcohol misuse can cause physical, emotional and spiritual damage to bodies and minds. My own recovery is an ongoing process of awareness, acceptance, personal change, and healing.

Yoga is a technique for developing awareness and acceptance, and a tool for creating positive change and healing. In my experience, when used together with other supportive recovery therapies, yoga can help repair the physical damage of addiction, improve emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and help maintain sobriety.